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It is so easy to get caught up in the doing in business that we forget to take care and nurture ourselves and our relationship with our business.

That is where burnout and overwhelm start.

… and I will be the first to admit that I was absolutely in that space too.

Everything I did was driven by masculine energy. It began from a place of lack, where I wanted what others had and wanted to get there quickly.

But it wasn’t authentic for my needs, my values, or my mission.

My clients were achieving amazing results but I didn’t have the balance I needed to run a sustainable business. I was burnt out and exhausted and unable to present in my life.

I had resilience, creativity, and the drive to pursue my dreams but I didn’t have the high-vibe business support system that to surround myself with, SO I CREATED ONE join here.

The Shift That Made a Difference

Was when I shifted my business structure and mindset to include all of the best parts of me. Embracing my uniqueness so that I could show up naturally, passionate, and connected CHANGED MY BUSINESS.

I started with learning to love who I was. Find my worth. Take off the societal masks that were telling me what to do and how to act.

I began trusting in my INSANELY POWERFUL INTUITION and skills with energy healing, soul connection, and manifestation. 

I worked on all of these pieces within myself, then brought that version of me into my business!

Coming from a place of trust, I allowed my feminine energy to bring creativity into my business while also allowing my masculine energy to be present and help me with accomplish the business strategies.

Tara… the Intuitive Empowerment Coach

One year ago I would never have said that out loud.  

I had to learn how to be proud of my hidden skills. Generational teachings and knowledge had told me to hide that – most powerful – part of me. I used it, but secretly as a guide. 

I have been freed and am now able to Live My Best Life.

And now it is Time to Change Yours!

You deserve to be free of the stress. To let go of the worry. To develop who you are so that your life, and business, can be full of abundance.

… and now that my woo-woo side has been paired with the business strategy side, you can get the Ultimate Balanced Coaching when we work together.

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I help entrepreneurs create flow and abundance in business.

Unlike coaches who use copycat strategies; I intuitively guide entrepreneurs through personal development for self-worth, high-vibe energy, and confidence to show up authentically so that they can create a business uniquely made for their needs.

Reconnect to Your Business

with these programs

Empowered You

Tired of the unknown, Imposter Syndrome, or feeling alone in business?

Get empowered, confident and clear in business with six 1:1 intuitive business strategy sessions (personal and business strategy).

Key Features: 10x your confidence, overcome limiting beliefs, develop business strategies for work/life balance 

Feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed in life/business?

Join me in this program as we go through a self-love challenge and daily energy routine to help you slow down and de-stress while filling your own cup for energy alignment.

Key Features: Learn how to become energetically aligned, develop a gratitude routine, integrate it into your daily life

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Authentic You

Tired of feeling disconnected with your audience?

Join me to explore your values and purpose so that you can learn how to show up authentically in your business.

Key Features: Connect to your purpose, Find your uniqueness, Develop authentic ways to show up in business.

Elevated You

Ready to bring on Abundance and Flow?

Join me to bring Manifestation, Mindset Shifts, and Abundant growth to your life to help you develop the habits for positive change.

Key Features: Learn how to shift perspectives, practice living judgement free, create vision boards and opportunities

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Money Manifestation Motivation Worksheets

Who is Tara Leske

Intuitive Business Strategist and Motivation Mentor
for busy ‘at-home’ entrepreneurs

In the winter of 2019 I was driving my daughter to preschool, the twins were strapped in their car seats and I was thinking about getting daycare passes at a local fitness facility to have an hour of dedicated business time during the day, every day.

I was searching for options as it seemed like I was trying to squeeze everything into every minute of the day and nobody was getting quality time with me. I looked to the back seat and knew I WANTED MORE for myself, my family, and my career.

That was the day my business shifted! 

Maintaining a home, caring for three young children and a teen, ranking up in a network marketing business, and running a coaching practice (since 2014) had me overworked, exhausted, and near burnout.

I took time to RECONNECT, STRATEGIZE, and create SYSTEMS to balance my career and my family. Once I aligned and simplified I found financial and time freedom in a way that felt natural.

I believe that every entrepreneur should be able to have fun and enjoy life.

I also became a better coach, wife, and mother. There is more happiness within myself and my family because I am aligned in everything I do. I get to show up and be fully present every day in every thing I do.

This is why it has become my mission to empower and guide at-home entrepreneurs to transform their business so they can have the freedom for the things they love. We all need support. We all deserve alignment.

Might as well have it come from someone who has been through it and come out the other side.

Lets work together to move you toward FREEDOM!