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I definitely needed a shift!

Not that long ago I was working hard in my coaching business while raising three little ones and my husband working out of town. That meant I also had to take on many other responsibilities. Eventually, I was burnt out, stopped believing in myself, and knew something had to change.

I wanted to appreciate every part of my life and business…

I had resilience, creativity, and the drive to pursue my dreams but I didn’t have the business support system that I needed to lift me up and lean on for advice. SO I CREATED ONE

Working smarter was necessary so I shifted my business structure and mindset to better manage my time and energy in business and truly begin Living My Best Life.

Now I help Entrepreneurs organize their business,

lean into their purpose, and connect with other business owners

to gain the freedom to live their best lives

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Who is Tara Leske

Motivation Mentor and Business Strategist
for busy ‘at-home’ entrepreneurs

In the winter of 2019 I was driving my daughter to preschool, the twins were strapped in their car seats and I was thinking about getting daycare passes at a local fitness facility to have an hour of dedicated business time during the day, every day.

I was searching for options as it seemed like I was trying to squeeze everything into every minute of the day and nobody was getting quality time with me. I looked to the back seat and knew I WANTED MORE for myself, my family, and my career.

That was the day my business shifted! 

Maintaining a home, caring for three young children and a teen, ranking up in a network marketing business, and running a coaching practice (since 2014) had me overworked, exhausted, and near burnout.

I took time to RECONNECT, STRATEGIZE, and create SYSTEMS to balance my career and my family. Once I aligned and simplified I found financial and time freedom in a way that felt natural.

I believe that every entrepreneur should be able to have fun and enjoy life.

I also became a better coach, wife, and mother. There is more happiness within myself and my family because I am aligned in everything I do. I get to show up and be fully present every day in every thing I do.

This is why it has become my mission to empower and guide at-home entrepreneurs to transform their business so they can have the freedom for the things they love. We all need support. We all deserve alignment.

Might as well have it come from someone who has been through it and come out the other side.

Lets work together to move you toward FREEDOM!

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