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It is so easy to get caught up in the doing in business that we forget to take care and nurture ourselves and our relationship with our business.

That is where burnout and overwhelm start.

… and I will be the first to admit that I was absolutely in that space too.

All of these things were true for me, are they true for you?

  • I worked my a$$ off to get new clients.
  • I worked my a$$ off to create social media posts.
  • I worked my a$$ off to earn every dollar

I was in a masculine DOING cycle every day and IT WAS TIRING!

I was burnt out and exhausted and unable to show up for my family and life in the way that I wanted to.

My clients were doing amazing but I didn’t have the balance I needed to run a sustainable business.

I definitely needed a shift!

I wanted to appreciate every part of my life and business…

I had resilience, creativity, and the drive to pursue my dreams but I didn’t have the business support system that I needed to lift me up and lean on for advice. SO I CREATED ONE  and I started working with coaches that had already moved past what I was going through.

Thousands of $ later and a lot of internal work went into the shifts I needed to clear out the baggage in my business and start creating programs and offers fit for me while helping my clients make immense shifts in their business.

I am now balancing my feminine and masculine energy.

What I Changed In My Business

I started looking at who I am at the core and what does that woman want from business and life.

Then I explored what I have in my personality and skills that I want to share with the world… aka my passions.

Then I explored the best way for me to share those skills.

So I shifted my business structure and mindset to include all of those best parts of me. It allowed my feminine energy to bring creativity into my business while also allowing my masculine energy to be present and help me accomplish all of the things.

I am now managing my time and energy to work for me in business.  

Which has truly given me the ability to Live My Best Life.

And now it is Time to Change Yours!

… when working with at-home business owners I recognize that scheduling can be one of the trickiest parts of business.

Therefore, we work specifically on  their needs and how to run a business that meets those needs, is authentic and aligned, and can be profitable using the process that I used to get where I am today!

I help entrepreneurs be more authentic and aligned so they have a more balanced energy and connection with their business.


… with a twist!

Because you deserve to have a business that allows for the life you desire. 

We start by looking at your personal and business needs. Then we will expand on what your focus and next steps should be. 

As a highly intuitive coach and strategist, I ask questions that you might not have thought about to assist you through the process… and if you are comfortable with it, I will also let you know ideas that are channeled in to me. 

Authentic & Aligned

It is important that you stay on track in your shift to a business that WORKS FOR YOU.

So we work together to go deeper into your values and connect them to your biggest dreams. Then use it as a guideline for building your business strategies; connections, offers, lifestyle. 

Mindset & Energy Balance

Many business strategists focus solely on the doing, the making, the action – masculine energy.

Yet we need to also embrace creativity, nurture business relationships, initiate self-care practices – feminine energy.

So I ensure you use balance of feminine and masculine energy will help your business to flourish and grow. It takes the best of both worlds and creates an energetic flow. 

When you are in this state of flow you are no longer stuck and find greater confidence in your products and self.

… but getting there can take work. Especially to overcome the mindset and challenges of imposter syndrome, pricing, setting boundaries, and more.

You deserve to have the dedication and support around you as you quantum leap into a business that truly works for your needs. 

*BONUS* all programs include energy healing and activation

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Who is Tara Leske

Intuitive Business Strategist and Motivation Mentor
for busy ‘at-home’ entrepreneurs

In the winter of 2019 I was driving my daughter to preschool, the twins were strapped in their car seats and I was thinking about getting daycare passes at a local fitness facility to have an hour of dedicated business time during the day, every day.

I was searching for options as it seemed like I was trying to squeeze everything into every minute of the day and nobody was getting quality time with me. I looked to the back seat and knew I WANTED MORE for myself, my family, and my career.

That was the day my business shifted! 

Maintaining a home, caring for three young children and a teen, ranking up in a network marketing business, and running a coaching practice (since 2014) had me overworked, exhausted, and near burnout.

I took time to RECONNECT, STRATEGIZE, and create SYSTEMS to balance my career and my family. Once I aligned and simplified I found financial and time freedom in a way that felt natural.

I believe that every entrepreneur should be able to have fun and enjoy life.

I also became a better coach, wife, and mother. There is more happiness within myself and my family because I am aligned in everything I do. I get to show up and be fully present every day in every thing I do.

This is why it has become my mission to empower and guide at-home entrepreneurs to transform their business so they can have the freedom for the things they love. We all need support. We all deserve alignment.

Might as well have it come from someone who has been through it and come out the other side.

Lets work together to move you toward FREEDOM!

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