Rid yourself of confusion and overwhelm in your business and start working toward flow and abundance with community and strategies. Growth Empowerment Movement by Tara Leske

Can't sleep because there is too much to do in your business?
You are exhausted, overwhelmed, and near burnout?
Simplify your business.

Don't want to be pushy, salesy, or slimy?
Gain strategies that are aligned and FEEL GOOD!

Want to grow but also want to live your dream life?
Get clear on your wants and strategize to get there.

Simplify your business
so you can ACTUALLY have time, energy, and fun

Work with coach Tara to strategize and motivate business growth
that aligns with your style, goals, and belief system.

Ready for coaching, strategy, mentoring, and more
Without the price tag of individual sessions?

Great entrepreneurs don't grow business on their own...
They seek out systems and support to lean on for
Personal and Business GROWTH

There are Essential Systems and Strategies that Home Based Businesses Need if You Actually Expect to have the Sales
and the Time Freedom To Do What You Want!

Read on to see how you can take the Overwhelm and Frustration
out of Running a Business Alone and Create an
Aligned & Profitable Business with time with YOUR FAMILY


growth empowerment movement (GEM)

The GEM program will help you:

By providing you with:


Feeling Confused and Overwhelmed in Business Really Sucks

Especially if you don’t know who to turn to for ideas, strategies, and encouragement, right?!

And if you’re like most Home Based Business Owners and Network Marketers that I work with, you got into business because you want to have a good income while having the time for family and fun

Well, here’s the thing:

Whether you currently have a profitable business (or you want one!) and you want to sell more products or services to have more time for the things you love…


Think about it! When you look at successful businesses in your field, you don’t think they became a success overnight, do you? NO! Of course not! They needed guidance and support along the way.

So then why would you ever assume YOU will grow your business by yourself with just the support of YOUR family and friends?

So, if you’re doing this:


(Telling your spouse, best friend, or mom all about your big plans just to walk away frustrated from receiving minor acknowledgement or advice that doesn’t feel aligned for you) then...



I mean… have you been feeling fully supported and on track in your business? If you’re like most who come to start working with me, it’s very likely a “no.”

But this is all ok! Because when you’re not getting the right help from your loved ones, sometimes it’s as simple as connecting with the like-minded people!

Do that and you will become more passionate, knowledgeable, and aligned in business so that you can take your product or service to a whole other level.

Build the business you desire with the systems, strategies, and support that will help you plan and celebrate being a successful entrepreneur!

you can expect


Shared wisdom of what has worked for members (and what didn't).


To connect your values to your vision and your vision to your actions.


Processes, systems, and mindset for your business growth


Strategies to simplify the way your business functions


Confidence and Self-Worth to build the business of your dreams


Clarity on how you want your business to run



And when you look around at all the successful business owners you currently follow and look up to…

They ALL have a team of peers and mentors to help guide them to their next level of success.

They know the value of having a support system outside of their personal friends and family.

If you were to ask them what they would say to their younger entrepreneur self it would be…

“Find the right group of people to lean on and learn from that are 100% there to support your business growth in the best way possible.”

And if you don’t currently have that… your business isn’t growing as quickly and smoothly as it could be!

Why people work with Tara leske

Kelly N Endorsement Sep20

I recommend her most highly to all persons who desire to raise their standards, find inner peace and tranquility and become a truly exceptional individual.

“As a professional Success Coach, Tara has given  her time for self-improvement of a group of young professionals wading through the rigors of small business, most for the first time. The experience has been wonderful.

We have examined our value systems, motivations, SMART goals, and currently life wheel. All the while, Tara has been the consummate professional, guiding us into areas hitherto unexplored.

In all my years of senior management I can attest that I have never met such an accomplished Life Coach as Tara Leske.”

– P. Bognar
Financial Services

I’ve moved from confusion to clarity, isolation to stepping out, and indecision to choosing according to my values. .

“I have come a long way, your patience and listening skills helped me focus inwardly for answers. Your coaching has truly helped me to create ability in me, both personally and professionally.“

– K. Sutherland
The Poetry Poet

Program Feature Highlights

Inside this group you will experience:

    • business alignment, mindset shifts, & growth strategies 
    • LIVE recorded Q&A sessions
    • connection, feedback and support with other members

This group is designed to help entrepreneurs be focused, resourceful, and accountable to their growth and success. 

    • Facebook Group 

This group is a GROWTH COMMUNITY and every member has the opportunity to ask questions and gain knowledge from the rest of the group. 

I created the Growth Empowerment Program as my passion project to help as many home based online entrepreneurs grow as possible.

Taking resources and knowledge from my 10 years of coaching, skills, and experience; and placing them into a motivating space of group growth. Providing mastermind style check-ins and opportunity to connect with other business owners who have set massive growth intent.

All in a never-seen before combination of opportunities which have been grouped together intentionally for one-stop success building.

Here’s the thing. You get an experienced coach. Committing to the GEM program will require a little time and energy for you to get the most out of it.

    • Connect in the group a couple times a week
    • Dedicate at least 30 minutes a week to the discussions
    • Implement the learnings

… and shift your business to increase profits, time, and overall happiness.

Home based business owners have a special part of my heart and even though these programs typically are priced at $2,995 a YEAR, your business growth is important to me so I am offering you the opportunity to join while it is in the early stages for more strategic and personalized coaching within. 

In this program you will not spend $250 a month…

You will have the chance to ask questions & celebrate, check-in, download resources, and be coach and community supported all month for the low price of $77 CAD…

… and did I mention the BONUS???

As a bonus you will receive 4x Alignment card sessions for FREE (valued at $99).

…and you LOCK in that price as long as you stay a member in good standing.

 All in a month-by-month program. Meaning that if it’s a good fit you can stay at your locked in rate or you can take the alignment card readings and downloaded resources and only pay for the first month!

Love Your Business Again

On a personal level you will gain knowledge and determination while on a business level you will gain strategies and systems.

Over the course of the year, your connection to your business will feel more purposeful. You will move away from the overwhelm and learn to simplify to create a sense of peace and calm.

The best part is this will create a ripple effect into your family life!

Who is it for?

This program is designed for work-from-home entrepreneurs, including network marketers.

What is included?

- Weekly check-ins
- Inspiration
- Q&A sessions
- Templates
- Coached support

Where is it held?

Gathering in a Facebook Group

Templates For:

… and more added every month!  


Subjects covered

… and more added every month!  



  • The Growth Empowerment Movement is a virtual village that supports each other, learns from each other, and has fun together. Come and join your new business community with confidence in knowing you may Cancel anytime.*

  • As a BONUS I am throwing in 4 Group Card Readings to help you create clarity, alignment, and systems for your business to fit with your personal life. (value $99)**

  • Lock it in. Join now and you will keep your rate for as long as you are a member in good standing.

*Cancellation Policy

Refunds are not available on the Growth Empowerment Program as the BONUS value exceeds one month in the program and you can cancel anytime thereafter. Please log in to change your subscription terms and cancel future payments. Should you have any difficulty please email tara@taraleske.com

Growth Empowerment Movement

(G.E.M. Membership)
$ 77 Monthly
  • Inside our Exclusive Facebook Community:
  • - Coached Support
  • - Weekly Check-Ins
  • - Strategy Templates
  • - Hot Topics Discussions
  • Plus you will also have access to:
  • - LIVE Q&A sessions
  • BONUS - 4X Group Card Coaching
join today

Grow Your Business

Staying accountable, leaning on each other, gaining group coached support... The GEM PROGRAM is designed to help you gain systems, strategies, and the mindset to succeed in whatever way feels aligned and balanced.

Lock In Your Rate

After your initial payment you will be charged monthly with ability to cancel anytime. As long as you stay in the program YOUR RATE WILL NEVER CHANGE. You will be grandfathered in!

*to cancel, simply log into the website and cancel. If payment has been processed you will remain in the group for that month

A Message From Tara Leske, your 'GEM' host

It is my passion to help entrepreneurs, like you, get aligned in business and create growth in a way that is sustainable.

Working in a way that feels good and natural and throwing in strategy and peer connections to create momentum and move you toward a fulfilled life even faster.

A big dream can quickly lose its spark when entrepreneurs get stuck, burned out, or overwhelmed. That is why I created this program to SIMPLIFY & SUPPORT you in the growth of your business.

You may have noticed that your family and friends can't relate to what is going on in your business. They don't know what could help or how to support you.

This group is specifically designed to be a valuable resource to lean on, learn from, and celebrate your successes with!

In this group there are ways in which you can collaborate with others to make long-lasting business relationships and friendships.

I can't wait to be a part of your journey to business growth!

In Case There's Anything I Missed, Here are Some Commonly Asked Questions!

Anyone who runs an online business from home.

Graphic Designers, Freelancers, Coaches, Handmade Artisans, Network Marketers, etc.

If you sell your products or services online, this is for you!

Bring a positive attitude, a desire to collaborate, and a growth mindset. 

I also suggest access to a printer (for templates) and notebooks or a journal for notes and reflection.

Group Empowerment Movement was created to provide strategy and real connections with other business owners.

You’ll develop skills to simplify your business, align your energies, and have the freedom to live your best life.  Allowing you to have more time to focus on yourself and family while being more present in your business.

By using this proven framework you create a strategy that not only works but makes it easy for you to implement. 

When you choose to join today and commit to your growth, you are on your way to developing a balanced business.

That’s ultimately up to you but I recommend a minimum of 30 minutes a week for connection within the group.

Plus added time to participate and view the Q&A periods, optional but recommended as a way to simplify your business.

Try the Growth Empowerment Movement for a month and if it is not the right fit for you, go into your customer portal and cancel future payments. 

Please contact our Customer Success Team at support@taraleske.com

Our program includes an  exclusive Facebook Group that will have regular check-ins PLUS the support from all of the community members.

Looking for VIP coaching to accompany this program?

Contact tara@taraleske.com to discuss Individual Coaching for specific one-on-one attention and discovery.

Returning customers - please log in

username = first.last or email used when joining. Please contact tara@taraleske.com if you need assistance