Live Life Comfortably

One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I’ll never know. ~ Groucho Marx

Being Comfortable – What Does That Mean To You?

As I sit here sipping coffee #4 (plus additive) I look around to see:

  1. a happy toddler
  2. a clean house (momentarily – see #1)
  3. my terrible reflection


I love it because I have learned to allow myself the comfort to just be. To look around and change the things in my life so I can be the person I want and love in myself.

My Terrible Reflection

Now let me clarify. My reflection is that of a frumpy and comfy mom. It is nearly 3:30, the teenager has friends coming over in half an hour and I am in pajama pants, a baggy sweatshirt, no makeup, unbrushed hair… and if I am to be honest my teeth could use a scrub.

There is rarely a day when I stay in and get to just be. Today is the day. If a visitor pops by this is what they get and they better be as okay with it as I am. My happy toddler is fed. My to-do list is a mile long. My concerns have been tossed aside.

What can you do to relax a little?

Doesn’t it seem like there is always something else to do or somewhere to be? How do you unwind in a healthy way?

I find that being comfortable with the choices I make plays a big factor in my overall happiness. I accept and choose to stay in my pajamas today because I believe kids shouldn’t get to have all the fun! I also feel like having wind-down time is healthy for our emotional needs.

Think About it?

When was the last time… that you felt completely relaxed and happy just being?

What did you truly enjoy… about that moment in time?

Where were you… and what was it about your surroundings that added to the experience?

Who was around supporting you… to be the best you possible?

How… can you recreate that experience on a regular basis?

You have slowed down and looked at what has worked for you to get some insight on how to find that comfort again. Celebrate any other learning that you have found in the process. This process will become even more powerful if you choose to do create the comfort on a regular basis.

If you do, you will find that you:

  • Become more confident
  • Spread happiness
  • Honour yourself
  • Find your importance

Celebrate By Letting Us Know How You Relax