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Stop using over complicated business systems that leave you overwhelmed and burnt out. Instead, coach with Tara and you’ll be motivated while you build:

  • Confidence and Strategies
  • Simple Systems that Work
  • Business Growth and Profit

Online Programs


Online programs to grow your business in a self-paced or group program. Looking at topics such as:

  • Planning & Organizing 
  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Confidence & Mindset



Do you like personal development? It will help you recognize best ways to make progress in business by getting an idea of what works and doesn’t work for you.

  • Learn Through Resources
  • Find Tips
  • Add Your Opinion

About Tara Leske

Motivation Mentor and Business Strategist

What I want to give to you!

Let the Adventure Begin!

Life is a journey to enjoy. I find when I travel the path of authenticity the path is easier to navigate.

Through my life I’ve been faced with challenges, not unlike what you have experienced. With each fork in the road I grew. I learned to listen to my internal dialogue and move forward in a positive way. I have found ways to focus on my wants/needs and achieve the goals I desire.

I want to share this with you. Let’s go on a journey together. Get excited, pack your determination, and I’ll help you find your confidence and excitement to make a positive change in your life/business.

Imagine the possibilities!

  • Be Authentic
  • Train Your Intuition
  • Gain Confidence

You can achieve so much more with the support of a professionally trained life/business coach. Team up with Tara and achieve more starting today.

I want you to believe in yourself, be authentic, and train your intuition to speak louder. Let’s accomplish this through coaching and bring confidence to your abilities and decisions.

Coaching and Specialty Programs

Find the program that suits you best!

Set strong goals, be supported, grow and develop skills and positive habits. Our programs improve confidence and decrease anxiety for personal and professional growth. What would you like to achieve in life and at work?


Here is what our clients say about us

W. McIntyre

“I was a skeptic when I began working with Tara Leske as my Life Coach. In six months I have gone from not knowing what a Life Coach does to being a strong believer in them. Coaching with Tara has changed the direction of my life. It has provided me with the confidence to…”
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W. McIntyreElectrician
P. Bognar

“I have been participating in Tara Leske’s coaching instruction for some time. As a professional Success Coach, Tara has given freely of her time for self-improvement of a group of young professionals wading through the rigors of small business, most for the first time. The experience has been…”
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P. BognarFinancial Services

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